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Upside Down [16b/18]  
Title: Upside Down
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kaossbells & [livejournal.com profile] mcsparklez
Beta: the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] gypsyjaeger
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Belldom
Summary: Based on the mkmeme prompt: A rich music collector has almost everything he ever craved for, almost. One special object is still missing in his collection: Matthew Bellamy!
Warnings: language, violence
Feedback: Is like Matt Bellamy bathing in red glitter; fabulous.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and has never happened. We do not own any of the people mentioned and do not mean to offend.
A/N: Thank you for voting this the best collaboration in the Museslash Awards 2014! Words cannot express how much we love you.

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Teignmouth, 02.01.2014

A loud clash of thunder woke Dom from his peaceful nap. He yawned, stretching languidly, and turned onto his side. Another rumble sounded from outside and he left the bed to push the curtains aside to get a peek outside his window. Dark clouds hung low in the sky, but occasionally blinding lightning illuminated the black firmament. The wind was so strong that the downpour almost sounded like tiny stones beating at the glass.

The weather was downright awful and Dom wished for nothing more than to stay in bed for the remainder of the day. Crawling back under his blanket to do just that he spotted a small piece of paper being propped up on top of his phone on the bedside table. He unfolded it and immediately recognised Matt’s untidy scrawl.

Gone to the pier. Thunderstorm seems huge. See you later. M

Dom smiled to himself and dropped the paper back onto his nightstand. Scrapping his plans to stay inside for the day, he got up and stretched again before he picked up his clothes and went to the bathroom. He took a quick shower and hurried with his beauty routine so he could leave as quickly as possible. He tied his new leopard print scarf around his neck and grabbed his coat before he ran out and hurried over to the pier.

Sure enough he could make out a lone person standing at the railings on a raised platform. Even from afar he knew it was Matt, no one was mad enough to be outside in this weather.

“There you are,” he said when he finally arrived at his bandmate’s side, leaning against the railing.

“’Course,” he said. “Wanted to get a better view of the storm.”

“Makes sense. You love storms, after all,” Dom commented and looked Matt over. His hands immediately shot out to the lapels of the brunette’s coat. “And of course you couldn’t dress yourself properly. You’re gonna get sick in this weather.”

A childish whine escaped Matt’s lips when the blonde took off his leopard printed scarf and wrapped it around the singer’s neck.

“Dom! I can’t be seen like this!”

“You’ll manage, you big baby,” Dom grinned at him, and, for good measure, gave Matt a big smooch on the cheek. The singer, in turn, pretended to be sick.

“Are you done now, Mother Howard?”

They both knew that Matt’s annoyance was faked. He’d never admit it, but he enjoyed being mothered by Dom every once in a while, and Dom also knew that Matt didn’t find leopard print as horrible as he pretended to. Honestly, the man had been living with him for months now, and would have left him long ago if animal print truly disgusted him as much.

They watched the waves clash against the concrete wall of the pier in silence, appreciating the atmosphere around them. The sky looked almost black and the sea didn’t look much different. If he hadn’t known any better Dom could have sworn the sky and the sea had become one black entity, ready to swallow the world. The image was constantly interrupted by flashes of lightning followed by the deep rumbling of thunder that shook not only the railing he was holding onto but the very ground underneath his feet. It was utterly terrifying and yet fantastic at the same time.

Wind and water hit their faces forcefully, but Dom didn’t have the heart to tell Matt to head back home. Not when the singer looked at the sea with big, excited eyes that Dom hadn’t seen in such a long time. He watched Matt’s profile in peace while he was transfixed by the pure force of nature. There was a hint of childish glee in Matt’s eyes that made Dom want to kiss him and then kiss him some more, but instead he stepped behind the singer and enveloped him from behind, his hands splaying out on the fluffy coat covering a flat stomach. One of Matt’s hands left the railing and laid on top of Dom’s, squeezing it softly. It was intimate, the whole setting, and something Dom wouldn’t have thought possible after The Summer. But here they were, and 3 little words threatened to escape his mouth, Dom only barely being able to contain them. Not yet. He bit his lip and turned his attention back to the crashing waves.

“This is lovely.”

Dom nodded in agreement and continued to watch the water underneath them until he realised that Matt’s attention wasn’t on the water or the sky anymore, his head turned towards Dom.


They stared at one another and Dom’s face inched forward ever so slightly until their noses almost touched. His eyes closed on their own accord and a breathy sigh escaped his lips, not daring to close the space between them just yet.

The moment was broken when another wave clashed against the pier, this time so hard that the water splashed over the railing and soaked the 2 of them, making them jump apart. While Dom squealed loudly (not like a girl, thank you very much) Matt just cackled like an over-excited child.

“Please, let’s go back,” Dom whined. His clothes were drenched and his hair was a mess. In other words, he couldn’t be seen like this outside.

“In a moment. First I need to do this.”

Dom was just about to ask Matt what he was talking about when the singer took a step towards him so they were again face to face, and lightly pressed his lips to the corner of the blonde’s mouth. The state of his hair momentarily forgotten, his body froze in shock at first before joy took over, and he had to grip the railing harder to make sure he was still rooted in reality and that Matt had really done what Dom had wanted to do just a few seconds ago. Just as quickly as it had happened Matt had already pulled away and took quick strides away from the pier.

“Let’s go then!” he shouted over the rain.

The taller man could only nod slowly and stare at him some more, until Matt cocked his head in that very typical Matt way that told you he thought you were losing the plot. Then a grin spread over his lips and he caught up with Matt, pushing him slightly before he started to run towards their place, the singer following shortly behind.

Once home they had quickly stripped off their wet clothes and taken turns with who’d use the shower. Matt was the last of the 2, so Dom prepared them a quick snack and then settled on the sofa, flipping through TV channels to find a suitable programme to watch.

His plans for a relaxed evening in front of the telly were destroyed, however, when lightning illuminated the whole house, followed by another earth shaking rumble, and the lights turned off. Dumbly, he pressed the buttons on the remote to make sure that yes, indeed, it wouldn’t turn on again.

“Shit. Power cut, no telly for us,” he shouted up to the bathroom.

“That’s okay, I’m sure we’ll find other stuff to pass the time.”

When Matt finally left the bathroom Dom had set a couple of candles around the living room to give them at least some light. It wasn’t much, but at least you could navigate around without hitting your toes on a cupboard or the damn piano. Not that it had happened to Dom prior, no, he only worried that Matt would break one of his feet. Again. When he was done with his handiwork he turned around to look at Matt who’d been lounging on the sofa, watching him work instead of lighting some candles himself.

He crossed his arms in mock annoyance and said, “You could have helped me, you know? Would have gone a lot faster.”

“It’s not like we’ve got anything to do tonight anyway.” Matt shrugged. “Besides, do you really want me to hold anything with fire in my hands?”

Dom thought about it. “No, probably not.”


They settled down and watched videos on Dom’s laptop that was charged, thankfully. Another positive progression Dom could write down in his books; whenever they were sitting together now they were basically huddled together as if the seating place only held barely enough space for the 2 of them. The drummer couldn’t help but enjoy the little contact of their shoulders touching or their heads bumping when they fell asleep after another long telly night. Tonight was no different, with Matt pressing his back into his side, the laptop placed on the coffee table in front of them. Feeling bold, his arm snaked around the small body and pulled him tighter, Matt’s body going rigid for a moment before he relaxed, and his head fell against the blonde’s shoulder. Dom pulled the blanket surrounding them higher and snuggled into it, effectively snuggling against Matt as well.

The laptop battery couldn’t last forever, though, and just before the end of the film the screen turned black, and 2 men shouted in annoyance.

“Your laptop is shit, seriously,” Matt commented and threw one of his socks at the offending piece of technology.

Picking it up in disgust, Dom smelled at the sock before he threw it back at Matt. “Is not! She’s just an old lady and can’t make use of her whole potential anymore.”

“She?” A brunette eyebrow cocked up in the dark. “That’s cute, Dom. Always knew you had a thing for older women, and she’s providing you with porn as well. Perfect girlfriend for you, really.”

“Piss off, you twat,” the blonde grumbled, but there was no heat behind the insult.

Just as expected, Matt assaulted him then, trying to pin him to the sofa. Dom evaded easily and grabbed a bony shoulder to press the singer down instead, who immediately clawed and kicked at him. They went back and forth like that until they slipped off the sofa, the blanket sliding down with them. Sandwiched between the sofa and the coffee table, Dom couldn’t escape from Matt anymore, who sat on his stomach triumphantly. He sighed in defeat and awaited his fate, his heartbeat picking up when he watched Matt’s face coming closer. Tiny lips touched his and his eyes closed almost on their own accord.

“Is this okay?” Matt asked.

In reply, Dom put his left hand on the singer’s neck and pulled him down into another kiss.

To steady himself Matt put down his underarms on both sides of Dom’s head, repositioning his body so he could lie almost flat on the drummer. His tongue peaked out and pushed against Dom’s lips who opened up immediately and let Matt explore his mouth. The singer dominated the kiss easily, Dom not even putting up a fight and instead just enjoying the feeling of Matt kissing him again. He’d been waiting so long for this moment, months since he’d last had the opportunity to taste the singer’s mouth, to feel him like this. Almost unconsciously the hand on his neck moved to caress the tender skin and his legs opened up to let the brunette fall between them.

Too soon Matt pulled away and licked his lips, Dom transfixed with the motion. He wanted more now that he’d had a taste and remembered what he’d been missing out on for the past half year. And going by the bulge he could feel slightly rubbing against his inner thigh he guessed the feeling was mutual.

However, the brunette disentangled himself from Dom and got to his feet, holding out a hand for Dom to take. He seemed to hesitate for a second but then he smiled again.

“Come with me.”

Interest piqued, Dom let go of his previous thoughts for now and took the offered hand, letting Matt pull him up. The singer didn’t let go and pulled him over to the piano, sitting down on the stool. He patted the spot next to him and Dom sat down, nerves exploding with excitement and anticipation.

Without another word Matt placed his fingers on top of the keys, not yet pressing down hard enough to make a sound, but his intention was clear. He stared at his hands in thought, and Dom couldn’t help but lay a hand on the singer’s back. He didn’t have to force himself just to prove anything to the blonde.

“You don’t have to-“

But Matt did. His fingers pressed down and a soft melody filled the room, slow at first, then picking up pace until it slowed down again. Dom shuddered, shock clearly written over his features, and his gaze moved to Matt’s face. He was in deep concentration, his eyes fixated on the keys in front of him. He looked a lot like the old Matt, all professional and perfection, until Dom inspected his hands. There was a slight tremble present that you didn’t see unless you looked closely, however it didn’t stop the singer from creating this wonderful melody.

The song seemed to come to an end, but instead of stopping there Matt tinkered with the notes and let it flow into a familiar song. Dom nearly stopped breathing when the intro chord of Starlight filled the room.

He remembered standing in Matt’s house in London, holding the sheet music to his chest the day after his abduction. He remembered the pain and fear he’d felt in that instant, but he also remembered the love and affection he’d always felt for this man. Maybe the song was forever tainted with the events, but it also spoke of the strength of their friendship and their belief in each other.

He felt incredibly emotional then, and couldn’t help but press his nose into the soft dark strands next to him. He hugged Matt tightly, who proceeded to wrap up the song before he turned to hug the blonde back.

“You arse,” Dom whispered, his voice choking on emotion. “Since when are you playing again?”

“Not that long, honestly. Went over to Ian’s place a couple of times to practice guitar. As for the piano, though… Only since last night after you went to bed. Been playing with the thought for a long time now, but up until then I just couldn’t bring myself to sit down and try again.”

“Wait, Ian? You’ve been seeing Ian?”

“Yup.” Matt nodded affirmatively. “Taught him a couple of things, like you promised him I would.”

Dom hugged his body closer and squeezed his waist affectionately. “You’re playing again, Jesus. And only last night? I think I’m gonna cry I’m so happy.”

“Who’s the big baby now?” That earned him a punch to the side and Matt faux yelped loudly.

“No, but honestly,” Dom whispered. “I’m so, so happy. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well, I… I wasn’t sure if I’d even be able to do this again and didn’t want to get your hopes up over nothing.” Matt stroked one, two, three keys almost lovingly and bit his lip in thought.

“This is not nothing. This is amazing!” His eyes sparkled with excitement and relief as his eyes drifted from the keyboard back to the singer’s face.

“It is… isn’t it? I mean, being able to sit here and make music again… It feels like a huge step to me, somehow. And I know that it’s also very important to you, so… I wanted you to be the first to know. Obviously, there’s still a long way to go.” The brunette stole a glance at the man beside him, his fingers still resting on the keys.

“It’s a mighty step, Matt!” Dom’s face was positively alight with happiness. “And now that you’ve taken it, I’ll be there to help you with the rest of the way.”

Matt smiled softly at that, his eyes so full of love and gratefulness that Dom felt as if he was going to pass out any moment. He felt overwhelmed all of sudden, and wished this wasn’t a dream. He didn’t know what made him happier; the fact that Matt seemed to truly get better, and would maybe one day be the same old person Dom had come to know and love, or the implication of Matt’s previous words and attitude.

“Maybe I’ll be able to compose again soon. I’d love to write for us again. For Chris, me… and especially for you.”

“Are you…” he tried to find the words to take the seriousness out of the moment. “Are you trying to seduce me, Mr Bellamy?”

“Maybe I am,” the singer drawled and drew circles on the drummer’s chest. Dom liked the return of this confident Matt. “Is it working?”

The blonde simply nodded before he pulled Matt’s face to his, smashing their mouths together. For a split second Matt seemed frozen in surprise and Dom was already getting worried that he’d maybe misinterpreted the signs, but then the singer’s lips softened under the pressure and he returned the kiss in earnest. Relief flooded the blonde’s every cell and something different caught fire in his belly. Something more instinctual. How long hadn’t he felt that fire? It had been far too long… Still, he was a bit reluctant to let it take over his actions. He still wanted to be a bit cautious with what he demanded of Matt.

Said singer, though, had already turned around on the stool to face Dom completely. His hands had wandered to the back of his neck and were absently toying with a strand of stray hair at his nape. A small but purposeful tongue started poking at his lips. Willingly the drummer opened his mouth and sighed softly against Matt’s lips. His fingers had found their way to the singer’s waist and, now getting the tiniest bit impatient, pulled at him to get the warmth and feeling of that certain body closer to his own.

Matt grinned and obliged the silent plea by sliding a few inches towards Dom, their knees now awkwardly knocking together. He giggled quietly and shook his head while his fingers bunched up the shirt on Dom’s shoulders.

“This is…”

“Great? Awesome? Finally happening?” the blonde suggested.

“... a far too small stool for two people.”

“Oh, you want me to go, then?”

“Definitely not.” Matt emphasised his words by slinging his legs over Dom’s thighs, effectively locking him in a vice-like grip, and pulling him closer for another heated kiss.

“Hoped so,” the blonde mumbled into the kiss and put his hands on the small of Matt’s back. Bit by bit he tugged the smaller man into his lap until there was virtually no space between them anymore, their chests pressed together and their mouths seemingly inseparable for the moment.

This went on for a few more minutes, their bodies literally glued together with their crotches teasingly rubbing against each other. Suddenly Dom felt confined. Confined not by Matt and his death-grip on him, but by the fabric that was still clinging to his skin. And by extension to Matt’s skin.

“Space… we… need to...” he started, but got cut short by the brunette in his lap.

“I’ve been telling you that for ages and now you’re suddenly starting to listen? When I’m trying to get you naked?”

Dom’s body erupted into a giggling fit. “I’m not talking about space-space, you idiot. I just think we should find a more comfortable place to continue this.”

“Oh.” That silenced the singer, if only momentarily. “Then… let’s go upstairs?”

“Is that even a question?” Dom grinned widely and squeezed his lover’s bum with both hands.

“Not really, no,” Matt replied with a sly smile and already tried to get up when Dom’s arms encircled him. He raised his eyebrows in question, with a grin already tugging at his lips again.

The drummer scooped him up into his arms and one swift motion later they were both back on their feet. Matt’s head was swirling a bit, as he hadn’t expected to be handled around like that. He steadied himself with both his hands on Dom’s shoulders, giggling some more.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Dom said with more determination than Matt had brought forward in his quest before.

“Yeah,” the singer nodded and took Dom’s hand.

The way upstairs, however, wasn’t as easy and quick as they’d thought. There were entangled limbs and wild kisses and the odd piece of clothing getting lost. There was stumbling and laughing and moaning. Then there was a door being opened and banged shut again. And then Matt was being pushed against said door and trapped between it and a very turned-on Dom.

“I need you,” the drummer whispered. He sucked the brunette’s neck, leaving a dark mark right above his pulsepoint.

The singer’s trousers were already dangling between his legs, making it nearly impossible for him to take a step without introducing his face to the floor. So instead his hands busied themselves with undoing Dom’s belt while the blonde’s fingers restlessly roamed over his ribs and abdomen. They’d done this plenty of times before, but it had never quite been as emotionally charged as it promised to be now. Where there’d been mere physical attraction and the need for release before, there was now meaning.

“I need you so much,” Dom repeated, sounding almost choked. His mouth had wandered to Matt’s shoulder, where a tiny scar was visible from the gun wound he’d sustained at Suzanne’s. He kissed it softly before he licked at it. He licked along his shoulder, then his collarbone and, finally, the middle of the small chest in front of him.

The singer had chosen that exact moment to let his hand slip into Dom’s now opened trousers and cup the hardness he found there straining against the fabric of his boxers. All emotions bubbling in him momentarily forgotten, the blonde couldn’t help but moan against Matt’s body, the smaller man laughing softly.

His fingers ghosted to the waistband of the offending piece of clothing. Dom’s breath hitched when Matt pulled his boxers down ever so slowly, his cock springing free and demanding more of Matt’s attention. The singer obliged, his hand wrapping around the hard flesh in an instant and Dom could do nothing but moan loudly. With every twitch of Matt’s wrist he could feel himself getting closer to the edge. It had been way too long since he’d felt this wonderful feeling.

After another firm stroke, Dom finally found the willpower to grip Matt’s wrist and stop him. He was punished with a patented Bellamy Pout, so he cupped the singer’s face with both hands and kissed him deeply.

“Bed. Now.”

Matt bit his lip and grinned before he nodded his head and stepped out of his trousers. He turned around and made his way over to the bed - without giving his lover another look - with such a graciousness that Dom could do nothing but stare at the hypnotising sway of his hips. He licked his lips.

“You comin’?” Matt asked and quirked an eyebrow at him. He stretched out on the mattress on his back, one arm crossed behind his head, the other lying on his tummy and ankles dangling over the edge of the bed.

Dom nodded, transfixed, and stumbled his way towards the bed. His eyes fell onto the pale expanse of skin that stretched over the singer’s ribs and stomach, sinews and muscles moving underneath. He truly was beautiful like this, all stretched out for Dom to worship him.

His shins hit the bed, but he remained upright, unable to tear his eyes away from Matt just yet. His gaze roamed further down to the dark, wiry hair that led to his cock which lay hard and heavy on top of his left thigh. He almost salivated at the sight.

The movement of Matt’s hand rubbing at his stomach made him snap out of his trance and look up. He didn’t look so cocky and sure of himself anymore. Dom mentally slapped himself, of course it made him nervous. Even though they were both equally naked, Matt had other baggage that weighed him down.

So Dom hummed and let himself fall forward to lie beside the singer, slinging one arm around his torso and pressing their bodies together again. They both hissed when their erections rubbed together deliciously and Matt moved his hands to his bum to press him even tighter to himself. Their mouths met for a wet, open-mouthed kiss and Dom used the chance to lick the roof of Matt’s mouth.

When they parted they both felt a bit light headed and breathless. Dom rolled on top of Matt who, almost instinctively, wrapped his legs around his waist. Dom could feel how he tried to steady himself. Maybe he was just that tiniest bit too self-aware, but the blonde was dead-set on changing that, on distracting Matt just enough to forget himself.

“It’s okay,” he whispered soothingly and leant down to press a soft kiss to the singer’s belly. Then he continued on his way further down, covering every bit of skin he could reach with small kisses. It didn’t take him too long until he felt the hardness of Matt’s erection pressing slightly into his chin. He glanced upwards, smiling at Matt who’d been looking at him wide-eyed the whole time. Then he wrapped one hand around the brunette’s cock and leant further down. He licked one long trail along its underside, forcing another shudder from the body under his hands. Then he pressed a kiss to his head and smiled, once again, up at Matt who’d thrown his head back into the pillow. The tremors in his lover’s body seemed to recede and he finally let his instincts take control of his actions. Only the tiniest bit pleased with himself, Dom moved up Matt’s body again, biting and licking his way back to his lover’s lips.

“Bloody tease,” Matt mumbled under his breath, but let his hands slide up and down the drummer’s bare back. “You know, I’ve missed this.”

“Me kissing your dick”, Dom grinned cheekily.

“Nah, that was kind of a sappy move on your part,” Matt replied nonchalantly and kissed him again. The drummer only rolled his eyes at that. “I mean this, all of this. You and me.”

“Oh, that’s not sappy at all,” he said teasingly. Matt pouted at him and Dom went back to smiling softly. “No, seriously, I missed this, too.”

“Better,” Matt nodded, obviously more satisfied with that reply. “Maybe we should do it more often then.”

“Well, I definitely wouldn’t mind.”

“Then get on with it.”

That pulled a laugh from both of them and Dom silenced the singer with yet another kiss, their bodies shaking against each other. Then he sat up again and leant over to the nightstand. He pulled it open purposefully and retrieved a bottle of lube alongside a condom from it. He dropped the condom on the mattress next to the pillow and squeezed some lube on the fingers of his left hand. Matt smiled slyly and spread his legs further so Dom could sit between them properly.

There was really no need to ask if he was ready. Matt couldn’t have made that any clearer. Dom knew he wouldn’t break under him, there was more strength in him than he let on. Since his nervousness had subsided, Dom didn’t want to make him feel self-conscious again by treating him too carefully. It wouldn’t be the best idea to make him feel like Dom considered him to be unstable still, anyway.

So he bent forward, giving Matt’s cock another lick while taking him into his lube-free hand and starting to stroke, more firmly this time. This earned him an unexpectedly loud moan and he grinned as he took him into his mouth. Matt arched his back and immediately both his hands were in Dom’s hair, trying to guide him. But this wasn’t about release, at least not just yet. Still, Matt wasn’t the most patient person in general, so why should he be in bed?

The fingers of Dom’s left hand circled the brunette’s small opening and even at the first touch he felt another tremor going through the demanding body of his lover. Oh, this was going to be so good… Without further warning he eased one finger into him, then another, all the while massaging him gently. Matt’s breath caught in his throat and, apparently involuntarily, he pressed himself down a bit. Dom let him slip out of his mouth, but resumed to stroke him.

Fingernails scratched his scalp almost painfully and that spurred him on even further, so he added a third finger. Suddenly his shoulders were locked between two surprisingly strong legs as he bent and twisted his fingers inside his lover, seemingly having found the exact right spot.

“Dom,” the singer moaned. “Enough!”

“Enough of what?” he asked innocently, giving his fingers another twist.

“That!” Matt yelped and gave him a scolding look. “Up here. Now.”

“Ever so demanding,” the blonde smirked, but obliged. Slowly he pulled his fingers out of Matt which earned him another, almost desperate moan. Two hands pulled him up, tugged at his shoulders, and generally tried to make him do exactly what they wanted. “And so impatient.”

“Don’t be so fucking smug, Howard,” Matt growled and pulled him down for a kiss when they were finally at eye level again.

“Your wish is my command,” he replied, smugness still written all over his face.

Matt’s left hand left his face and instead started to roam across the mattress beside him almost frantically. Dom watched his attempt at finding the condom for a moment, genuinely trying not to burst out laughing, but it was such an amusing sight. Trying not to be too obvious about it, he let his hand slide down Matt’s pale arm and, when it reached the smaller man’s hand, he guided it towards the small, plastic wrapped object. Triumphantly, Matt smiled as he fetched it and practically shoved it into Dom’s face.

“Not willing to do any of the work yourself, are you?” Dom chuckled and had the pack already half opened when Matt snatched it back from him. With a look of utter and nearly ridiculous determination he tore the wrapper open and pulled the condom out. He leant up on his elbows and took Dom’s cock in his hands (which had been neglected for so long now that even this touch made him hiss) and rolled the condom on in up to no time.

“Come on now,” Matt almost wailed, his right hand giving the blonde’s cock a few desperate strokes. “Please Dom, don’t make me beg.”

What the singer obviously didn’t realise was that, technically, he already was begging. But no need to mention that now. So instead he pushed Matt back into the pillows and followed him to lie on top. Almost immediately, Matt lifted his legs onto his shoulders. Dom grinned.
Matt guided him a bit and without hesitation positioned him at his opening. Dom gave him one last questioning look and once more the frontman nodded his head yes.

That was all he needed. Almost aggravatingly slowly the drummer pushed into the warmth his lover offered him so willingly. Matt squeezed his eyes shut at the penetration, but the noise that escaped his lips when Dom stopped for a second spoke of lust and randiness, not discomfort or pain. Shit, he looked beautiful like that. Matt would probably loathe him for the thought, but that didn’t make it less true. From the tiny creases of tension on his forehead over his slightly disproportionate nose right down to his thin but demanding lips. To Dom this, right now, was the most beautiful face in the world. And when Matt opened his eyes again, that fire having blown his pupils so wide that their blue was nothing but a thin, shimmering ring surrounding perfect blackness, he couldn’t stop himself.

“God, I’ve wanted this for so long,” he groaned lowly and gently bit the singer’s neck.

In response a deep moan tumbled over Matt’s lips and he clenched around Dom. The blonde let his eyes fall shut for a second and reveled in the moment. What they both really needed was to enjoy each other and that was what Dom wanted to do. His eyes fluttered open again as Matt stroked one hand through his hair and leant up to bite his lip teasingly. Dom dove down again and pushed his tongue into his lover’s mouth almost demandingly.

Matt’s mouth responded immediately and while their bodies remained still, their mouths moved in sync. Dom slowly started to buck his hips, drawing another moan from Matt - one of those that he’d missed for so long. It was a delicious feeling, finally being with his lover again. They hadn’t done this in forever and somehow it felt different from what Dom remembered of their countless physical encounters from before. Matt was… different. He wasn’t all sharp angles and determination anymore. There was a certain softness to him now and it made Dom unsure of how to handle it. Where Matt had been almost competitive before, he was more compliant now. No… no, compliant wasn’t the right word. But maybe giving was.

Dom kept his movements relatively careful for the moment because he thought they both needed some time to re-adjust, despite his intention not to let Matt feel weak. Matt’s hands roamed over his back, kneading his muscles here and there and eventually coming to rest on his bum. They didn’t push him, there was no real pressure behind the touch. It was more like… friendly guidance?

Unsure, Dom looked down into Matt’s eyes. There it was. That old sparkle that spoke of mischief and lust and slight impatience, all at the same time. And still it was somehow different. The brunette gave him a crooked smile and kissed him again, sucking his bottom lip between his teeth. It was a gesture meant to reassure him, to tell him that he was okay and that there was no need to worry. It was also one to spur him on a little, though, at least if the light scratching of Matt’s teeth was anything to go by.

So Dom thrust a little deeper, leaving his own need more room and letting a bit of his self-control go in the process. Automatically Matt let his head fall back into the pillow, eyes closed and lips circling around a silent oh. Dom’s mouth lowered to one of his nipples and he sucked the bud hard, eliciting another moan from the singer. He licked around the rim wetly before his teeth scraped over the skin.

“So good, Dom. So fucking good. More.”

And suddenly Dom realised what made the difference. This wasn’t just fucking for the sake of fucking anymore. They weren’t best friends who liked to fool around anymore. There was more to it now. Dom loved him. And there was nothing more perfect than making love to the one person who meant the world to you.

He moaned loudly at the realisation and threw his head back, his hips snapping on their own accord and his cock going deeper than before.


He let himself fall forward and leant his forearms on each side of Matt’s head, his lips catching the singer’s for a deep kiss. He wanted - no, needed - to show his feelings, show the singer just how much this - they - meant to him.

“Matt, I- I-”

It wasn’t enough. Words couldn’t express what he felt. He needed to show. He needed to be closer.

He let himself slip out of Matt who looked at him in utter confusion.

“Come on, Matt, roll onto your side.”

The brunette obliged without protest and Dom lined himself up behind him, re-entering his body while his arms pulled Matt close to his chest. The smaller man pushed his arse backwards to get him deeper. His right leg hitched between Matt’s legs to give him leverage, and he pushed in deeper than he went before, hitting just the right spot and pulling an ecstatic scream from his partner.

He giggled softly into the back of Matt’s head and repeated the action with much the same result, his hand tightening around the slim waist to keep him in position. His hips moved faster and faster, losing their rhythm the closer he got to the edge. He kissed Matt’s shoulder sloppily before Matt’s face turned toward him and his arms slung around to pull him into a kiss.

“I’m close,” Matt whispered against his lips between laboured breaths.

Dom nodded in agreement and joined their hands on the singer’s cock. “Good. Let go.”

It didn’t take much more than a few firm strokes of their joint hands and a tender bite to his neck until Matt did just that, he let go. A shaking moan from deep in his throat tumbled over his lips as he spilled all over their hands, his stomach and the formerly pristine sheets. Although Dom was just as occupied with his own need, he couldn’t help but steal a glance at his lover’s face. Right now he was ecstasy personified, with his eyes closed and his mouth hanging open. The sight was probably what made the drummer reach the edge a bit quicker than he’d anticipated and so his own climax crushed down on him without much of a warning. He pressed his chest close to Matt’s back, trying to steady himself while the room around them seemed to be about to tip over. Or was it just his head? Well, who cared anyway?

All the while the body glued to his was shuddering, and with one hand clutching his chest he could feel Matt’s heartbeat and heavy breathing, both matching his own. For the moment they both remained quite, still getting down from their respective highs.

Was it the right time to tell him everything that was bubbling inside him? Dom wanted to shout from the rooftops how much he loved him, how much he wanted to be with him until the end of time. But then Matt turned around, letting Dom slip out of him, and gave him a sloppy smile before catching his lips in a kiss. No. Not yet. Not when Matt was still coping with everything and trying to find his way back. The feeling of silky skin against his own, hot air breathed on his neck, and an exploring tongue probing his lips distracted him enough for the time being.

He couldn’t help himself, however, and grinned against Matt’s mouth. “That was… amazing.”

“God, we’re not doing the ‘how good was the sex’ talk, are we?” Matt groaned in feigned exasperation.

“You really are a mood killer,” Dom laughed easily and propped himself up on his elbow, leaning over Matt and reaching out with one hand.

“Oi, what are you doing? Way too much movement!” He tried to push the blonde back into the sheets, but his limbs were too relaxed to obey to any serious action plans.

Dom laughed softly at that, but still failed to get a hold of the drawer he was reaching for. With a resigned sigh he rolled out of the bed, tossed the condom into the bin under the window, and went over to quickly rummage through the bedside table. “Do you have any tissues in here?”

“No, why?”

“Because you came all over yourself and I- Oh, no. No no no no!” He had turned around to see Matt rubbing his chest with the blanket and instantly jumped towards the singer to snatch the blanket away from him.

Too late, however, as Matt was seemingly finished, a wicked and proud grin on his face.

“Ugh, gross! That is absolutely disgusting, Matt.”

“You’re free to leave this bed, sweetheart,” the smaller man said sweetly and turned on his back. His gaze was expectantly locked on Dom’s.

The blonde in question sighed and surrendered, slowly crawling to his side. “Can we at least turn it around? Please?” The yearning to stay close to Matt was immense, but Dom’s sense of cleanliness couldn’t be ignored, not even - or especially - in this case.

Once the blanket had been taken care off Dom settled beside Matt with just a small amount of disgust still evident on his face which quickly evaporated as soon as bony fingers wrapped around his shoulders. Soon enough the action was followed by Matt’s head settling on his chest and he sighed in happiness, his own arms wrapping around the tiny body.

They didn’t talk and instead just enjoyed the calmness of the moment while their bodies cooled off from their previous activities. Dom felt at ease with his love so close to him, as if there was not a single worry in the world anymore. Absentmindedly, his hand stroked the soft skin of the brunette’s back with featherlike touches.

“I’m pretty knackered,” Matt suddenly whispered into his skin, the vibrations of his voice tickling him. He giggled softly before he bent his head to place a kiss to the top of the mop of brown hair.

“Let’s sleep for a bit, yeah?”

No reply came forth. Matt had already fallen asleep.
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[identity profile] matturemuser.livejournal.com on January 12th, 2015 02:37 am (UTC)
Finally, they managed to connect! This was lovely. But we still have a love confession to attend to and I have a feeling that it won't go as smoothly as Dom really wants it to. x
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Very happy you enjoyed this and left us your much appreciated thoughts! Makes us want to right more and never let this story come to an end.
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Yes, yes he is! It was about time he found the courage. He's come a long way, and we're glad that he got over his issues. And I bet Dom is just as glad ;)

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Yes, it's scary, indeed. It's something we don't wish upon any of them. Or any person at all, really.

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